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Baltec Inlet & Exhaust Systems (Baltec IES) is an Australian owned and operated company providing a range of services to the gas turbine power industry. The company has been in operation since 1987 and has steadily expanded its operations globally. Baltec IES provides a broad range of products to the industry, such as gas turbine inlet filtration systems (filter houses), inlet cooling/fogging systems, acoustical components, expansion joints and complete exhaust systems with guillotine and diverter dampers. These products are applicable to new systems, upgrades, and retrofits, and spare part supplies. While these complete systems are most commonly requested by our clients, Baltec IES provides a range of other products to cover non-standard applications or specific requests. At Baltec IES, our engineering services enable us tailor any of our products to meet clients’ requirements.  


Baltec IES was formed in Australia in 1987 with the goal of providing the power-generation industry with quality gas turbine inlet, exhaust and heating/cooling systems. Since then, our manufacturing experience has extended into 24 countries throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. Baltec IES prides itself on the long-term relationships it has developed with clients over three decades of operation. We have designed and manufactured inlet systems, also known as filter houses, and exhaust systems for machines ranging in size from GT10 / LM2500 (20MW) to SSC5-4000F / Fr9FA (300MW), some complete with cooling systems. Baltec IES is committed to producing quality products. Our quality management system complies with international standard ISO 9001:2008.

5x Siemens SGT6-4000F

"Through the execution of all phases of the project, Baltec IES has continuously shown high levels of effort and performance, handing all aspects smoothly and very professionally."

5x Siemens SGT6-4000F - Middle East
24x GE Frame 9E

“The installation of Baltec’s equipment were finalised very smoothly without any problems. The joint efforts to formulate an efficient and effective method of Elbow to Diverter exchange played a key role in allowing a smooth transition.”

24x GE Frame 9E - Middle East
4x GE Frame 6

"Following the successful execution of the contract, Baltec has continued to provide excellent support to AGL in all areas that have been required."

4x GE Frame 6 - Australia
2x GE Frame 6

"This is our first experience with Baltec IES Pty. Ltd. and we find them an efficient and reliable company based on our business dealings with them."

2x GE Frame 6 - South America
3x GE Frame 6

"Baltec’s equipment has been delivered to site before the contractual dates. All units are now being fully commissioned and we have been totally satisfied with Baltec’s excellent performance to date."

3x GE Frame 6 - South East Asia
6x GE Frame 6

"…Baltec has successfully fulfilled their contractual obligations and met the required performance criteria. They have exhibited a professional approach in project execution and offered prompt responses towards technical queries. It has been a very rewarding experience with Baltec in all our projects."

6x GE Frame 6 - South East Asia
2x SGT5-2000E Diverter refurbishment

"Baltec's performance throughout the job has been exemplary... They were proactive and prompt to fix any small issues arising on site. We overall have been very satisfied by Baltec performance as a Maintenance and repair contractor..."

2x SGT5-2000E Diverter refurbishment - Middle East
2x LM6000 Filter Houses

"This is our first experience with Baltec IES to work on a project in African region, and we find it an efficient and reliable company based on our business dealings. The units and the structures supplied  were exemplary in  good condition. Not only us but also the end customer is satisfied with  its quality."

2x LM6000 Filter Houses - Central Africa
30x SGT-800 dual fuel stacks

"Everyone I have encountered from Baltec has been very service minded and competent, and from my view working with Baltec, from sales through execution and problem solving, has always been a positive experience. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best going forward."

30x SGT-800 dual fuel stacks - Worldwide

Our systematic yet innovative approach allows us to respond to clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.

We have established and continue to maintain a quality management system based on ISO9 001:2008. We strive for continual improvement and vigorous innovation by measuring and recording our internal objectives to deliver our products on time and at the highest quality, achieving consistent customer satisfaction with minimum material wastage.

Baltec IES has progressively expanded its operations, and now has offices and agencies in 26 countries. We have strategically-located offices and agencies all around the world to cover the needs of our clients and market regions.

Supporting this extensive global presence is our network of strategic alliances and agreements with more than 20 top manufacturing locations. This allows easy and efficient transport to site, minimising freight costs.

We use state-of-the-art 3D design software to cover all aspects of our product development process with a seamless integrated workflow, including design, review, communication and data management.

We are proud to have a multidisciplinary team of experts specialising in structural, electrical, mechanical and acoustical areas.

Noise, flow and structural simulations are performed for every piece of equipment to ensure their reliability once they are built.


  • Extensive experience.
  • We offer competitiveness by knowing where to reduce costs without compromising quality.
  • Global recognition from leading EPCs, HRSG and GT manufacturers.
  • Experience with whole GT size range.
  • Committed, flexible, innovative and cutting edge.
  • Worldwide network of fabrication, supply and freight.
  • Project team with profound engineering experience.
  • Peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

The main objective of Baltec IES is to provide top quality solutions to the gas turbine power industry.

We aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction by rigorously determining their exact requirements at the pre-tender and tender stages of a project so that these are met, including those of the product and service-related expectations such as on-time delivery.

We are and will always be part of the solution, not the problem.

Baltec IES provides its services for the whole life cycle of the project: from research and development, design and drafting to practical completion.

Our after-sales team provides full support during the lifetime of our products, as well as execution of retrofit projects and supply of spare parts.


A 360 Solution


Repair, Maintenance & Spares

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